The Unknow Symbols

A Journey of the Mind

Performance at Pueblo Grande Museum 2017

The Cultural Traveler

Virtual Performance 2020

Concept, music, images and film

by Oliverio Balcells

A story of a human being like many of us, that recognize and understands the essence of the personal spirit, that inspired by is own nature take the next steps to live it and inspire others.


In ancient Mexican cultures the Eagle Warriors were characters of this nature and an example of virtues.

Concept, music, images and film

by Oliverio Balcells

This project was started in 2019. the year of Native Languages in the world, it is a multimedia for a celebration that leads to the routes traveled since ancient times to share visions, philosophies and knowledge that has been enriched through cultural exchange.


I had included Wirarika, Nahuatl, English, Español Mexicano and Mixteco lanueages. Take a journey of sound, languages, color, textures and history.

Pájaro de Fuego Series

Guest Artist Marco Albarrán

August 8th, 2020

Most Iconic Ancient Mexican Sites and Interview with Mitra Kamali. August 22nd, 2020

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